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35mm Panoptic in f5 dob

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Luke and Sarah (members here) were using a 35mm Panoptic with their 12" and then 16" Skywatcher dobs and felt the views with the Pan suddenly seemed "washed out" when they moved to a 21mm Ethos so I r

hi Alan I previously had a 12" f5.3 dob and a 35mm Panoptic. The combination was really good but as I have a fair bit of LP where I observe most (at home) and was going to swap to a f4 scope shortly a

Sort of considering the ES 34mm 68. But as my mate Si pointed out, I will always feel that I should of got the TV. Damn their superb optics!!


I have decided (not for the first time recently) to re-configure some of my eyepieces. Therefore the Panoptics are currently listed for sale, so as to explore ventures new. The 35mm puts in good service under a dark sky and the exit pupil factor would reduce, I think (to around 6mm?) with the addition of a coma corrector such as paracorr. Good luck in what ever you go for. 

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2 hours ago, Connor brad said:

Would the 27mm panoptics work well on a 200pds skywatcher explorer? 

It should be fine at f/5.  I've used my 1990s vintage 27mm Panoptic in my 15" f/5 Dob to good effect.

@Connor brad Why didn't you start a new thread instead of resurrecting this 7 year old thread?

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