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DMK mono cameras

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I have a DMK31 and 41 mono cams that I use for solar captures. Is there any chance that these would work for solar broadcasting on NSN.

Also, how does the broadcasting work. I can find no broadcast instructions or info on the NSN website.

I have USB cams, scopes, laptop etc. Is there anything else needed?

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have a look at this Allan, I've never done it, keep saying i'll have a bash at it when there is nobody about because no doubt i'll make a mess of it. there has been people on there with webcams so I cant see it being a problem, looks like you've got all the tackle to do it and I would imagine a good internet connect would help a lot.


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For putting live and canned videos on the web I used windows media server on windows 2003. This was prety straightforward to freely download and install.provide a link to the video stream and you are done. I'm sure there are lots of other live streaming tools you can use instead though

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Sorry Allan, I didn't see this thread.

Mate, you need to register as a Broadcaster on NSN first.

Jim Turner should email you saying your channel is activated.

That is strange that the NSN HELP section doesn't have a link in NSN. Something Jim may not have realised that he has accidentally removed at some time.

I'll let him know.

Hopefully we'll see you in there Broadcasting soon  :smiley:

What Channel name are you likely to use, so we can find you in there?

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Thanks  Ken. I've not given a  channel name much thought yet. I need to know if I can broadcast with my DMK USB cameras first, and how to do it. Obviously I can  capture AVI's using ICC or even Sharpcap, but don't know if I can do live broadcast like you guys do.

I'm not sure if I need a frame grabber either. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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I'm not familiar with Imaging Source cameras. If they are USB they shoud work the same as any webcam, and Webcams work in NSN.

But they are only good for planets and Moon.

For DSO's you'll need long exposure or integration. Thanks to programs like ManyCam and WebcamMax you can use almost any camera because NSN picks them up through Manycam/WebcamMax.

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