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My first light test image from last night's outing. 

taken at winscar last friday

Just a quick note, and picture, to announce that our baby daughter, Hayley, arrived on Sunday 24th at 01:20am weighing in at a healthy 7lb15oz. Mother and baby both now doing well and safely home.

Posted Images

Thanks guys, yea I enjoyed last night, it was good seeing so i think that helped alot as Jupiter was lovely and clear. just wish i had rolled out my mains extension to the scope and i would have been there all night, or maybe that was a good thing seen i was up at 7 for work :)

Hopefully more images to come in the near future.

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1 hour ago, Mark62 said:

lovely images Chris really well done you seem to have got the hang of it. Nice done too Vicky there's going to be no stoping you I can see 

Thanks Mark. The laptop suddenly dying put a spanner in the works, and I didn't manage to get the new one set up in time to do any imaging last night. Felt worn out after a hectic day yesterday, and could even work up the energy to do DSLR imaging. Chris was the hero of the hour rescuing my files from the corpse of my old laptop. Can't tell him how much I appreciate what he achieved. Still have a lot of programmes to download, and i have to reinstall my cameras and software, but I'll get there soon. Keeps me quiet lol :)

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20 hours ago, Vicky050373 said:

Fabulous images Mark, Soupy and Matt! Loving your work chaps :)

Here's my image from last night's efforts - been shopping for a new laptop today as my old one died for the AP cause whilst imaging last night. It was a noble death LOL

This one shows galaxies M65 & M66 which are two of the Leo triplets, the third being NGC3628 which is not in this image
M65 (bottom left) and M66 (top right) lie approximately 35 million light years away in the constellation of Leo
A total of 11 x 300 second subs stacked in Deep Sky Stacker and processed in PS Elements 11

M65 & M66 30.03.2016.jpg

Well done Vicky, they are a good result and really stunning.

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6 minutes ago, Soupy said:

Lots of fantastic pics there, big well done Vicky, Chris, Matt, Mark. Oh and not forgetting Gain! Seems like we are all doing some form of AP. ;)

Well I managed a bit of the bubble in colour on NGC 7635 LOL:homework: , actually it was also my first view of this object , so another DSO ticked off the list, momentum is picking up I feel !!!!! , also just arrived, a small CCD 3 MP camera for Solar System shots, lots for me to do now and learn, 'ears to the ground' & 'eyes to the sky'.

Being on Jury service last 2 week allowed me to a good bit of reading, 'Skygazing for dummies lol ! 


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5 hours ago, astrotyke said:

Ignore G he's just a blumin show off hehe :) nice pics Gain :)

Haha Chris! I did it with one hand behind my back whilst standing on my head using my 60mm Tasco :-)


cheers mate and great first Jupiter images.

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5 hours ago, 2STAR said:

The Master strikes a 'gain' !!!, by the way , haven't had chance to use the f3.3 as yet.:hiding:


Thanks Eric!

no rush with the f3.3 andd hope you are getting results with the Infinity

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I don't know what SGL plays at sometimes lol

Anyway, this evening looked promising for a brief time, but now it's gone overcast again. Don't think I'll be setting up tonight. Has anyone got clear skies this evening?

Bought myself a little geeky present today - a pocket watch style compass. It's really sweet :)


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4 minutes ago, mapstar said:

I could see Jupiter just before 9pm but it was behind high cloud.

Since disappeared so TV night for me.

Yep, total 100% cloud here now so I'm watching Alien.... again, on TV, even though I have the complete boxset lol :)

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