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WADAS (Wakefield and District Astronomical Society)

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My first light test image from last night's outing. 

taken at winscar last friday

Just a quick note, and picture, to announce that our baby daughter, Hayley, arrived on Sunday 24th at 01:20am weighing in at a healthy 7lb15oz. Mother and baby both now doing well and safely home.

Posted Images

YES!!! tellurium is finally hooked up and slewing every which way!! now all we need is a decent night to test it out......do people fancy doing a meet for next week for stargazing live? its either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday at pontefract Rosse Observatory and starts at 19:00 - 22:00. There are a few societies going according to their Facebook and says all are welcome and apparently there are events planned for each night? I'm definitely going but don't know how many nights going for if its going to be rubbish weather over the 3 nights i might just go to see it but if its clear I may go to all of them.

Be good if we could get together if its a clear night, and if you are all good i may even bring food with me lol

I need to try my scope through my wifi network sometime, see if I can get it to work

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im intrigued to see it working, i was reading about them the other day

yea, i should be able to use the scope from inside the house, but as I only use it for visual observing its a bit point less, unless i can remove an eye somehow and put it at the eye piece lol

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Getting there with that post count. I'm tempted to see if I can download the entire thread and put a graph together of the top posters - because that's the kind of sad thing I enjoy doing on a rainy Saturday night...

I reckon Damian's in with a shout, with his double posting ;)

I have the pages, although i have them all as separate html files. ill see what i can do with them

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Come on people only 40 more posts to go.

Can't make any nights this week Dawn is away, however forecast for tomorrow gives a couple of clear hours.

Went for a walk up Emley tonight, some very nice clear bits but the wind was up. I was pointing out loads of stuff to Dawn, she was impressed for once! ;)

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some say Damian has only ever posted 10 times, but his post count is 3,672  :)

He'll tell you it's his new phone... But he's had it quite a while now! Mind you his old phone was about 10 years old and he didn't have any issues with that one. That's what I call progress!

By the way we should have two winners for the 10,000 as one post will be the 10,000th post but the 9,999th reply and the next one will be the 10,001st post but the 10,000th reply... Cool!

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How ever I think Adam is having a late surge... ;)

damn right lol think there should be an award for post 10000!! this is what happens when you have to do a load of stuff online for a health and safety course on Monday

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