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Added a warm room for this winter

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I finally managed to build a warm room on the end of my astro shed, ive also changed the sliding roof design to flip (the old slide rail still in the photo,to be taken down) the whole building is very well insulated from floor to sealing it does have a air vent.ive also put a window in the scope room door (not in the photo) the inside and outside is also wrapped in foil insulation then completley covered in 300mm soffit board cost £100 for 30m.ive just got a bit of beading for the inside to finish and fit my heater when it comes and this winter should be alot warmer during imaging,post-18827-0-84212000-1381170518_thumb.jpost-18827-0-06768400-1381170530_thumb.jpost-18827-0-20827200-1381170541_thumb.j

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Thanks,i put up with winters for 3 years,i love the hobbie but i was constantly thinking surely theres gotta be a more enjoyable experience.so bit sweet talking to the mrs and moved the palm tree and the astro shed was born.

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Well stop dreaming and set yourself a budget and few plans and get yourself one built. I estimate for the whole setup including insulation cladding inside and out carpets cost me a grand. Obviously I did it in stages I didn't have the warm room until this year so didn't hurt in pocket as much. Its worth it its permanently set up and if clouds roll over simply close roof.look forward to seeing yours night owl.

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