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Hi I'm new here..and have a little query about astroimaging

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Hello everyone,

I have been reading the site a lot recently..I have just 'almost' completed the Chris yesyes SPC900 LX mod. :smiley:

I have a query about using it with SharpCap.  When in LX mode , when you change the exposure time in sharpcap the preview changes after a delay. I assume the preview is created by exposing a frame for the input time. This is how it seems to me, I'm just wondering if I have modded the camera correctly..its the first time iv'e used a long exposure camera.

All being well I'm keen to start experimenting with my LX90 8"



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If I understand you correctly then yes! selecting, say, a 5 second exposure time means the camera will expose for 5 seconds then display the result as a still frame. You will only get a new image every 5 seconds. You can get a more accurate live view with a lower exposure time but you're still technically shooting still frames so the smoother live 'video' view you get with short exposure times is kind of an illusion.


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