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Rock'n roll astrophoto

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Hello SGL,

I have joined interested in astrophotography, optics in general and spectroscopy. I play with focal lengths ranging from 11mm to 4m and apertures up to 200mm. I use a modified 7D and a regular 350D for imaging, the EQ6 and a standalone guidecam. The primary instruments are a 60mm APO refractor (370mm) and a 200mm schmidt-cassegrain reflector (2032mm).

Lack of time, unfriendly skies, global conspiracies against me and sheer laziness usually prevent me from shooting hours and hours of exposures, so I don't produce high level, pixel perfect pictures. I do however consume cheese and red wine while doing this. 

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Welcome to SGL - A good place to be to share you passion of AP, cheese and red wine. I'm sure we're all rather partial to either cheese or red wine and have been known to dabble occasionally in photographing the skies as well!!

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You know the moon is apparently made of Cheese. Not sure about wine though. Saw a documentary about it, a bloke and his dog went to the moon and it was in fact made of cheese. Wallace, I think his name was.


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