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Hello SGL,  My Name is George, I'm 29 from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK). I have been a member for a few years but never got around to being an active member as I felt lost/confused with all this telescope

Hi George, I've just joined too. Going to get involved in the forums, seems the best way to get knowledge and get used to the terms Good luck, Barto

This vid on Youtube is not exactly your scope but setup is the same : Look around at video's it helps a lot at picturing what to do for setup. Time, Align etc.. All the best and welcome. Ask anythin

One more piece of advice.

Batteries will last a few hours - Dead money.

Ignore all these Astro Powerpacks. IGNORE!

(I am an Electrical Engineer of over 25 years)

Buy a £20 12v 38Ah (Amps per hour) battery off ebay.

They are the mobility scooter type batteries.

Then spend £1 on a power connector from Maplin or similar.

Save a fortune and it will last forever at a fraction of the cost.

You can wait for weeks before you get a cheap charger too, the battery will last.

(Think I may start a thread on this as it save enough cash to buy 2 quality eyepieces with the money you save)


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