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UK - With some scopes :-)

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have a look at this thread: What Can I Expect to See?

Afternoon, Had a nosey round, hopefully this place will be able to help me out with questions I'll no doubt have. Me, im 32, live in Kent, ride motorcycles, trackdays etc Got myself a pair of 2nd hand

Hi and welcome to the forums ... As a new to the forums and astronomer myself I can totally relate to your situation, when I first saw Saturn through my cousins scope I was expecting everything in HD

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Cheers all :grin:

Spent a little more time outside last night, and hoping to again tonight.  Jupiters a great start I think as the moons not out.  That starter post was a good read, although the image of the 4" Frac with Jupiter is far superior to what I can see. I don't know if cleaning the mirror will help, I'll do some searches on here :smiley:

I've still yet to try the Skywatcher.  As I can at least see one planet with 1 scope, I thought it best to concentrate getting that right.

I'll youtube some videos, good idea.  Its 99.9% me that just need to do some more reading.  Been so busy with work that not had too much time to read up or practice, just kinda 20-30 minute stints every few hours.

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