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Looking for a good, affordable 2" eyepiece.


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Hey stargazers! I have a 750/150mm telescope (Skywatcher 150 PDS on NEQ3). So far I've been using the 28mm 2" that came with it, with fantastic results. However, as winter approaches I feel that I need more power. I also intend to buy a Barlow lens. So, do any of you have any ideas of what EP's I should be looking in to?

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As you are in Sweden what are the costs etc for getting an eyepiece there?

Ask as I seem to recall someone saying that purchasing from say TS in Germany meant various taxs being applied when it came in to you. However as you are part of the EU that shouldn't apply.

Then of course comes the question of what is the budget.

I see there is a newish eyepiece out by Skywatcher, the SWA 70 eyepieces. They are both 1.25" and 2" so usable on both format focusers and other scopes. The range of focal lengths is also pretty good. FLO sell them at £87.5, do not appear on the TS site.

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I don't own any 2" eyepieces so can't help there....

but regarding taxes, in Sweden if you buy from EU and have paid the taxes in the country you buy from it's all good. Some places like Amazon UK for example will apply Swedish VAT if you buy from them.

I have never paid additional fees when buying from Teleskop Service based in Germany, even when it was hundreds of Euros, just the german 19% tax. All the packages have been through Swedish sorting offices so I'm sure they would've been picked up if they were liable.

Like most places in EU you will be liable for tax if you buy from outside of EU like US or Japan if it's over a threshold value (it's 1300 SEK according to tulverket). For example when I buy CD's through Jersey based retailers on Ebay they come with customs declarations on them.

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As above, if you're after a higher power EP then you'll probably be looking at 1.25" as opposed to 2". Out of interest, what sort of size were you referring to with high power? The BST starguiders (previously explorer) are a popular upgrade EP for £49... there's pretty much nothing else in this price range that can touch it save a second hand set of televue plossls.

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