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What Can I Expect to See....?

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What Can I Expect to See? By Way of Introduction It’s a very easy mistake to make. You see those spectacular images of colour and shape which show the beauty of the Universe and just how fortunate you

The inspiration of the post came from noting that there is sometimes a disappointment for many beginners when they set out to observe. Perhaps they expected to see planets the size of golf balls or Hu

Thank you for your kind words, Mrsmith I'm so glad you stumbled across the post. If a neighbour stumbles across my nocturnal pursuit and I happen to share a view with them of some night sky wonder, y

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I you are fortunate to live in or near dark Sky you will see much more light coming from Objects.

Here is an example of what I see from my Very dark sky in my country town in Australia.

This is as close as I can get to what I see through my 12" GSO f5 Dobsonian using a GSO 2" 30mm SuperView Eyepiece.

Notice the slight pale green tinge. Young children tell me they see it in pale Pink!

Yes, a far cry from the pretty pictures on telescope boxes  :grin:


Thanks for posting the Orion Nebula as seen through your scope. Everything now falls into place.

I look through my scope as a newbie and recognised Rob's sketch. It looks Absolutally nothing like the pictures in the books. In fact if I had encountered it without the unmissable signposts of Orion's Belt and sword. I wouldn't have had a clue what I was looking at!

Then I look at your real life shot which looks closer to the book pictures and realise that I need to turn the book upside down and the structure is clear to see.

So not only am I going to have to spend a fortune on eyepieces (having been easily swayed by enthusiastic reviews on this forum), but I now have to emigrate to find some dark sky!!


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Thanks for this, I'm really new to this having been given a Skywatcher 607 AZ2 for Christmas - always wanted to have a go and I haven't been disappointed . Last night sat in the back garden in Devon and was looking and trying to target 'stars'. This evening spent 3 hours tracking what I now believe is Jupiter at it's moons and it was your article that made this possible

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Fantastic thread! Great idea to compare... and actually helps me realise the smudges aren't just my eyes and they actually are something. 

But i do think its important to compare what we see with the eye and the amazing images we get from Hubble etc. 

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I remember reading this when it was first posted and thinking 'this should be on the front page of every website selling telescopes'.

Absolutely excellent advice, and invaluable to anyone starting out at home.

My first glance through a telescope was the Meade up at Keilder observatory - I knew then that it was going to take an extraordinary amount of money to replicate that experience!!

A must read for anyone about to buy a telescope :smiley:

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Thank you for your kind words and thoughts, seriously. Thank you. Please don't think me rude for not replying sooner, but my router at home died and I had to wait a good few days for the replacement.

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