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I have been following Nova Del 13 for several weeks and thought I would submit my results for 29th Sept. When the Nova was brighter I was able to use my Meade LPI camera but now it has faded to 8.5 I had to use my Meade DSI IIc camera. The DSI does not seem to have the definition of the LPI although in theory I think it should be better. Perhaps the exposure/focussing needs attention. Anyway I am amazed that with very simple equipment I can clearly see the emission lines of a distant nova. I estimated the magnitude on this night as 8.5 with comparison stars of 80 and 90 although on the same night other observers on the AAVSO website estimated 8.9]. I think the line on the right hand side is [0 I] but am just a novice in this so may be wrong.


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Thanks I have recently joined the astronomical spectroscopy group and find its a mine of information. Steve Shore gives an interesting explanation of the science involved in the Nova's spectra.

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