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New member from the cloudy rainforests of British Columbia

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    I thought I had better introduce myself as I expect to spend a lot of starless nights exploring this forum. Living on a small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, in the 'Salish Sea', there are innumerably more cloudy than clear nights. Despite the low odds of using my telescope here, I have had an passion for astronomy since childhood. Looking at the stars, for me, is a profound 'reality check' - no scope needed - to quickly remind me of the grandeur and beauty of life. (Oops, I had better stop there, as it might be construed as a religious comment!)

    I have always enjoyed using a telescope visually on the Moon and planets, and was often captivated by the thrill of the 'Hunt': seeking out elusive deep sky objects. I have recently discovered, in this day of GOTO electronics, an even greater thrill: that of near-live views of deep sky objects offered by videocam. I am now treated to full colour views (albeit on a monitor) of what I have always wished I could have seen through the eyepiece. No more trying to convince the neighbours that the faint hazy blob in the field of view is actually something to get excited about. They are! (Me, too.)

    So with that short intro, I shall part - but only temprarily. (I see that being eight hours different in time, I am only talking to myself, anyway.)

Have a good night,


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Hi Nick welcome to the lounge

the biggest frustration of our great hobby is cloud.

but lucky for us we have SGL to fill in the gaps, but

sometimes the gaps are huge. Enjoy!

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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Hello Nick,

Welcome to SGL and not worry about the time difference, us astronomers are up at all hours :)

I see you are into the same as me with Video so we have plenty in common.  Please have a look at my gallery http://stargazerslounge.com/gallery/member/28683-hubble-bubble/ which are a series of photos taken of my TV screen.  No processing just as taken as I see them.

Also do visit our VA section to meet other likeminded astronomers.

Look forward to seeing you around.



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May be cloudy but the salmon fishing should make up for that.

Which end of Vancouver island ?

Wasn't there a few feet turning up around that area a few years back ?

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.....Living on a small island between Vancouver and Vancouver Island...  - to quickly remind me of the grandeur and beauty of life. (Oops, I had better stop there, as it might be construed as a religious comment!)

Welcome to SGL Nick - your part of the world is sufficiently beautiful to require words to describe it that are otherwise used only in a religious context :)

I spent a year in Vancouver back in 1995/96 and well remember the endless cloud and rain all through winter but I seem to recall there being a fair amount of clear skies in the summer months :)


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    Wow, thanks for all the warm welcomes! Yes, the beauty of the West Coast does help to make up for the weather. And yes, our little island was host to a 'foot'. (Three right feet in running shoes were found a few years ago, over a period of six months, washed up onto the shores of local lslands.) As far as I know, there was a lot of speculation but not many conconvincing theories of their origins. Perhaps they belonged to fisherman who over extened themselves. (Yes, the Pacific wild Salmon is almost to die for...)

     I haven't explored the VA forum but I will soon. Karl, I see you have a Mallincam, too. Great fun, aren't they? Using a third party control software (Miloslick) it is very easy to perform 'on-the-fly' processing, such as Histogram adjustments, Colour Balance, Stacking, Dark Frame subtraction, etc. Oh, the fun multiplies!

Cheers for now,


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