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Hello--a bit confused by site

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I'm new to Stargazer's lounge, though not new to Astronomy, an on and (rarely) off love of mine for over 50 years. I usually hang out at Cloudy Nights--so hello to all here!

I have recently become interested in astrophotography, and am at the stage where I want to figure out how to be able to control my scope and camera from my laptop. My first impression of the site shows that there are no topic threads--is there a way to view by topic (i.e. Beginner Astrophotography)? If not, what's a good way to search for information? Just ask questions? 

Thanks for any replies!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Hi and welcome to the forum. There is just so much information on this site it can be a bit tricky trying to locate just what you need!  :grin: Don't forget there is the search button at the very top right hand corner of your screen that allows you to type in keywords/phrases that can further narrow down areas of interest.

Clear skies and enjoy the forum


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Thanks to all for the hearty welcome! It finally dawned upon me that this is mainly a UK site (nothing wrong with that, love the UK and have relatives there). I am slowly exploring the site, ramping up my post count, and looking forward to being a good citizen here and to learn a lot about imaging!

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