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Stellarium and ipad

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Not sure if this is the right place to post but here goes.

I own a 1st generation ipad (ipad1) and would like to use it in the field with stellarium.

The only problem is that the stellarium software requires an iOS update (to 5.0 or higher I think) which is not installed on my ipad. Do any of you ipad owners know how to update the OS on an ipad1 or is this perhaps just not possible. Stellarium would only be used for locating objects in real time and being able to use the ipad would mean I wouldn't have to take my laptop with me on outings.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Hi Roger,

Not used stellarium on my iPad myself, but to upgrade your iPad go to Settings -> General -> Software Update

You should be able to get to iOS5.x on an iPad1, but not to iOS6 or higher.

Just had a quick look at Stellarium in the app store and it seems it does work on iOS5 as you say, but 6 and above is recommend, so you might find the odd issue.

Hope this helps,

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Hi TwoPi,

Thanks for the reply.

Unfortunately on my ipad under settings/general there is no option "software update"

I can seem in "About" that my OS is version 4.2.1 and even connecting it to my laptop I can't see any way to update the OS!

I'll have to try ipad forums - they should know I guess

KInd regards


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I've managed it but what a palava!

Took well over an hour ended up having to reset passwords, account details et., etc. Has to be done via itunes on ipad1.

NOW I have the option to update software!

I downloaded Stellarium and it seems to work a treat. so it was worth the effort - well, almost!

Kind regards


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I like the mobile Stellarium and have it on my (old) symbian phone as well as an ipad. The ipad version is slightly newer but all I really need is a quick reference to find things when I'm out. It doesn't have the full features of the pc software such as telescope view or control but is fine for taking with you for a short session or just for showing others what can be seen. I used it at work to show a friend how to locate andromeda galaxy and they were impressed when they found it a few days later!


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