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Not sure if there is such a beast but that was roughly the date/time I took this...

Now I've messed about in Registax after Wavelets with stretching and the Gamma but don't really know how to improve. I see some use PS now but I wouldn't know what for.



Can anyone give some pointers, please?

I can post the stacked image prior to when I started tinkering if someone wants.


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Your tinkering seems to have worked out fine - For lunar work PS is generally used to get the colour balance right and to slightly "tweak" the sharpness of the image.  You can use the freeware GIMP for the same thing as you dont need anything as fancy as PS for lunar images.  I believe Paint.net (also free) will do the same and is even simpler to use.

I would save the image in Registax immediately after applying the wavelets and use one of the above for "finishing" the image.

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Steve, that's a nice capture full stop :smiley:

How many images did you stack?

I tend to sharpen in Photoshop using Unsharp Mask and Smart Sharpen and to adjust the contrast using Curves. You can do similar things in GIMP. I would suggest try GIMP and look up some tutorials on sharpening with Unsharp Mask, and how to use the Curves tool to adjust contrast.

That said, I think you've done a good job anyway...

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