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Petition: Don't scrap The Sky at Night!

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Already done.

Does anyone know if there are any petitions going round on any other forums?

I personally don't use any others, but I think it would be a good idea if someone who does use another forum would start or post a link to the petition.

The more the better.


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Hang on? Have I missed something. This was a rumour the last time I heard. Has something happened or is this the Internet effect?

No we have had at least partial confirmation from the Beeb, along the lines of "S@N runs until December. What happens after that is uncertain."

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I'm afraid I can't sign it. I always said the programme should be allowed to go with Patrick and I still hold that view. 

If it continues in a decent, non-muppetised format I would be more than happy but I'd rather have good memories of it rather than see it dissolve into the inevitable low-brow drivel.


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