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AZEQ6 RA clutch lever snapped

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Well that has put an end to any plans for polar aligning tonight! Or for the foreseeable future. Not sure how this is going to get resolved. Email to FLO and take it from there I guess. I think I can

It's not hard at all. I think the image just makes some very minor scratches on it look disproportionally big. James

I'm not going to do anything until I've spoken to FLO. But yes, I was really getting on well with it. I as going to have a good go at refining polar alignment using the Mel and Mal error things on the

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I've got the replacement skywatcher part now so back on the original kit.


Whilst it's disappointing that the component broke in the first place, it's good to hear that your supplier (FLO) put things right promptly - it's only when things go wrong that you find out how good a supplier really is.

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I have noticed that the RA clutch lever on my AZ-EQ6 has sometimes worked itself a bit loose. I guess that when it happens all the force on the lever hits the threaded part, and the lever may bend a little when tightening the clutch.

I have started to always check that the lever is fastened properly, so the seating of the lever makes the force more evenly applied, and the lever can't bend at the end of the threads.

I hope this wasn't too unclearly written :smiley:    Bottom line: I think it's valuable to make sure the lever is screwed in tight before fastening the clutch.


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I'd buy a stainlees steel bolt, two nuts to fit it and a bottle of wine. I'd lock the two nuts together on the bolt to make a permanent stop at the right depth then give the bolttle of wine to the astro neighbour in exchange for another moulding! That would be better than the stadard system and you'll never break a SS M6 by hand.

If anybody does this and can't get the bolt out the solution is easy. You buy a stud extractor from Halfords etc and a drill bit of the right size for it. You drill down into the top of the sheared bolt and then the extractor threads into it with a L/H thread by using a spanner on it. It is tapered and soon binds in the drilled hole, so winding out the RH threaded bolt. Anyone brought up on old British motorbikes has done this dozens of times.  :BangHead:


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never had this problem with mine which i have had since they first came out. One thing i have noticed though is that if you tighten the clutches too much on this mount it has a detrimental effect on the guiding so i tend to only tighten mine the minimum required to stop any slippage on the axis.

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