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Complete Cocoon (RGB+LAB) including Heart WIP

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A few days ago (before being struck down with man-flu), I managed to bag some more RGB and Lum subs for this one. So now ive recovered, its time to have a mess about with it.

I've also had a play with the colour, using RGB for the nebula - and LAB colour for the stars. Ive also pushed the blue a bit to catch the outer colour of the nebula and stars that are dotted throughout the image (there was far to much red last time).

Getting the background colour was a pain due to gradients, which was complicated by the fact it was a mosaic. Anyway, I think this is as far I can take it from my town centre(ish) location. Ive also included a little grab of the Heart nebula, nice to get it all in one frame for a change!

IC5146: Cocoon Nebula
18x450 L, 10x300 RGB  (RGB nebula, LAB colour stars) x2 panes

IC1805: Heart Nebula
8x900 (Ha)

80ED, Atik 383L+, NEQ6

Thanks for looking!

First, the Cocoon:


Fullsize here:


Now the Heart, just messin about really:


Fullsize here:


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Cheers Daniel, I think this one would really respond well to data taken from a dark site as killing off those colour gradients took its toll on some of the dust colour (should be brown). Shame there isnt an Autumn SGL starparty!

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Cheers Mark, I'll try and wrap it up asap. Im hoping to hoover up at least another 3 or 4 targets before November in time to get the Christmas calendars printed (yep, its almost that time already!). Im thinking of distributing a few amongst the neighbours by way of thanks for keeping it dark out the back.

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Cheers Ian, the LAB colour was fairly easy(ish), all it was a case of doing was copying the star layer* from the LAB colour version, then pasting that into the RGB version - blend mode colour. Not sure if thats the right way to do it, but it worked (kinda!).

Here is one of the numerous recipies for LAB colour with photoshop:


and here:


* thought id better expand on that bit.. What I did exactly was use noels "select brighter stars", expand the selection by 2, feather by 1, copy then paste into the RGB image.

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