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First Jupiter with my setup


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Hi guys,

I wanted to share with you some of my first attempts at imaging Jupiter I have ever tried.

I recently modified a cheap Prestigio PWC2 webcam to have an default cheap IR cut filter, and few days ago, I acquired a decent-quality Barlow element - Hyperion Zoom Barlow 2.25x

I tried imaging with this setup with my 114/900 EQ2 newtonian and 300p Dobsonian. Jupiter was fairly low in all cases so I guess seeing was not briliant. Im only starting to learn how to operate Registax properly.

Images from 114/900 newtonian



Images from 300p dobsonian




The images were taking a day apart, in the early mornings, and on my second try, I wanted to make a composite GIF animation of Jupiter's rotation, probably about tw hours worth of images.


Please, share your thoughts

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I would like to share with the community yet another animation of Jupiter I made this morning through my 4.5" EQ2 newtonian. This time, Jupiter is fairly overexposed, but since seeing was terrible, I decided to focus on the motion of the four Gallilean moons around Jupiter. Enojy.


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Some very nice images in there, especially for a first try. I am really impressed what your very modest 114mm delivers. The 300 Dob obviously gives better images, but that is to be expected. I think the 300 could do with a longer barlow, to tease out more detail, but tat would of course make tracking a problem

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