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Telrad Base Plate, Sticky Tape

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RS (UK) carry a large range of suitable tapes but you do need to set up an account to buy on line and postage charges etc add quite a bit to small order costs.

Maplin also carry an inexpensive 0.9mm thick tape that can be used but it is not as thick as the original Telrad tape which is around 2mm thick.

So to get good adhesion over a large area and mould to the shape of the OTA you need to double it, stick two layers together and it works fine.



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You may find heating the tube under or around the existing tape may allow it to be removed and used on another tube....spare bases are cheapish......less than a tenner.... :)

I've used a hairdryer to remove a similar sticky adhesive mount (for a helmet cam rather than a Telrad) and whilst it was very effective at removing the mount, the adhesive wasn't sticky enough to be re-used, so buying replacement tape is the way to go in my experience.

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I'd be very careful with tape opr double sided pads for a telrad base.

I left mine on a Brandon and it pulled the paint off.

I designed a telrad base that fits onto 80mm tube rings, it works well. happy to share the designs and files if it helps.


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