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First two night as a Narrowbandit

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EDIT: two nights in the title...

Hi all,

I am super pleased with the Atik I picked up two days ago. I have used it for two nights now with a 3nm Ha filter, and is still grabbing subs on night three.

It's a delight to process the data, there is only one problem. I don't know what I'm doing.

Below is a little collection of attemps, using dithered guiding, sigma stack, and astro arts hot pixel reject routine. A master dark is used, but no flat.

Processing wise in Photoshop I change the grey scale mode to RGB 16 bits/channel. Then I do the 'usual' levels and curves a few times, despeckle, add a high pass filter - blend mode soft light - and when it looks decent I finally adjust contrast up a bit to have a wider range between the darks and the brights.

Does this sound like a reasonable route to you, or am I missing some very obvious standard mono trick here?

Any advice will be most welcome.

The question on how to add this data to an rgb image is another question. Would you register the RGB to the Ha or vice versa? (Using Registar here). I can see argument for both, but I'm guessing it's best to register Ha to RBG, to keep nice original star shapes?

I see Ha is added to red in blend mode lighten. Does that mean I would have to split the channels in my OSC data to do this trick to red only?

Does that mean the Ha layer stays b/w? Or better to make it red?

The questions are many, many indeed...

Thanks again for looking!


ED80 reduced used below, possibly a mm or two off in distance (the stars egg out a tad in the edges - or is that my imagination? Indeed does it matter since RGB stars will sit on top?

(See... more questions already...)

Using 10 minute subs, Astrodon 3nm filter, processing as above, here are some samples:

2 hours 30 minutes Eagle:


1 hour 40 minutes Lagoon:


2 hours 40 minutes Crescent:


5 hours 00 minutes Elephant's Trunk:


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