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Cocoon nebula


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Back in business now that nights are getting longer and "clearly" dark up here in sweden!! Started the season with the Cocoon nebula, see below

Exactly 2 hours data, 120 *1min ISO 1600 with unmodded canon EOS1100d, unguided with SCT C8 on mount VX at F10 . Quite happy and I will add more data for sure another coming night. Also I stack almost all my subs but I think I can discard 10-20% of egg shape ones which shall turn in a sharper stack (stack in Nebulosity and final touch on gimp). I will see with more data and will post later on



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Snygg! (Nice)

It's coming along nicely, more data should help with noice and to bring out some more detail. What's the LP conditions like where you image?

I just got my AVX mount, looking forward to the coming season :)


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Hi !


LP conditions are pretty good, although I am in the out south suburbs of a small town (18 000 inhabitants) rather isolated (no other "town" within 35 kms apart few villages), in my garden (but no direct light) and 180 degrees south direction if just forest, only few houses in between. The Cocoon is currently high in the evening, no moon, it is good conditions. Naked eye, I am about a magnitude of 4,5 to 5 when excellent transparency/no humidity/no moon. Also I forgot to mention I use a Baader Moon and Sky glow filter which I like very much in my slightly LP area, it makes the necessary kick and allows me to go up a bit in exposure time and/or ISO (without it, 1 min ISO1600 as above would not be as good, I would need to either go down ISO800 or decrease time maybe to 45 sec).

I have really enjoyed the AVX since I got it late spring. PEC is very usefull as I am not (auto)-guiding -pretty happy to be able to use all my subs of 1 min at F10 with PEC enabled -without PEC, I am down to 50-60% usable at 1 min, F10-. I am still learning it and trying to push it (in principle I would have used a focal reducer 6.3 to capture above, but I am still looking first how good it works at F10 in getting good subs and happy with above 2 hours run thorugh 1 min shots). I think I shall be able to go to 90 sec maybe 120 sec at F6.3 with PEC while still keeping >90% usable. So I am still experimenting and learnign the limits of my set up.

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