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Nova Del 04/09/13 + spectrum


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Nova Del still displaying well!. Balmer lines a little weaker than last night although Halpha holding its own :kiss:

Astroart photometry puts it at mag 8.24 which I`m not too confident with, AAVSO observers report it brighter than that. On 2/9/13 They estimated Nova Del at approx mag 6.74 and putting some of my images from 2/9/13 through Astroart (using UCAC4 database) gives Nova Del a magnitude of 8.39 so more work with Astroart methinks. Can`t really see why a ccd image would be that much fainter than visual?? Anyone advise if thats likely please?.

Thinking about it the image used for the photometry was taken through a uv/ir filter maybe I should have used no filter at all?? Doh!!


spectrum - not corrected




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Seven stars should have been enough....the only other comment I can make is that the aperture size should be scaled to give as large a circle around the star as possible. In one of my photometry books they talk about x3+ the FWHM.....

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