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Reprocessed My Very First Astro Image - Before & After


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I was bored (again) so I decided to reprocess the very first DSO image I took (28th July 2012). At the time I didn't think that there was any colour information in it. However after reworking it I have discovered just how badly it was processed in the first place. I used PI amongst others for this, but I am really surprised how it has turned out, especially for only 15 minutes worth of data.

I also rotated the image 180° as to me it looks much better that way.

Canon 7D with 70-200mm f/4L IS lens @ 200mm f/4.

10 x 90 second lights (ISO 640).

10x Bias

10x Darks

No Flats

AstroTrac TT320X


Initial processing attempt (hey I was learning back then!)

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Thanks guys!

It is great to go back over old data and see if you can get a better result processing it again...hopefully you do which means your processing skills are improving. Of course it would be nicer to process new data, but some of us don't live in the south of France :)

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very nice re-processing. You've managed to pull out so much more colour!

I tried with a 500mm mirror lens the other night but I think it was too tight in. Factoring in the 1.6x because of the sensor size, it was more like 800mm of course. I will try with my 70-210mm and see what I get with that.

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