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Celestron 8se mount match up question

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i bought an excellent mount from England (250GBP) and an excellent orange C-8 xlt from US for 500$.

Many users are disapoint with the mount, because they realise that they cant go on serius astrophotography, so they keep the OTA, and trying to sell the mount.

I use very rare my Nexstar 8se at my hollidays, but i am thinking of switch to a EQ-6 (equiped with a refractor) for astrophotophy projects.

If you were closer, we could make a deal....

Anyway, i think that it is easy to find a cheap mount, but you have to try hard for a resonable priced C8 (very popular OTA).

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I used to store my first Nexstar 8i in a dedicated Baader aluminum hard case, and i transfered this 8" scope/mount, nice and easy....

Unfortunally, these cases are not in the market now....

Another think that i have to say, is that i switched the ota with a small refractor , and at once i had wide fields to observe...

This switching option really works with small refractors (in alt/az mode), if the refractor is well installed (avoid contact the diagonal with the "battery cover" area, when scope is pointing

at nenit).

I assume that a wedge installed mount, could accomodate larger intruments... in the 3-4 Kgr weight area...

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