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Saturn 31/8/13 RGB + R for lum. ASI120MM

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Saturn's getting a little far west but I needed to do some testing with my new ASI120MM.

ASI120MM camera.

Baader RGB 1.25" filters

6000 frames per colour stacked with Registax and AS!2 for red as registax was having a hissy, Processed in Photoshop and PixInsight.

GSO 10" f4 modded for prime focus.

Televue 5x powermate.

Celestron CGE mount.

Captured with Firecapture.

Gain 96% for all colours, 20ms for red and about 40ms for blue. 150% upsized


Sat_grb lum2 by Raymond Collecutt, on Flickr

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Thanks. I hope it works well on the rest of the planets too.

Heh-hee, that'll depend on the seeing and your imaging & collimating etc abilities Raymond.....though from the look of it you'll have nothing to worry about with those aspects..! :)

I was fortunate to be probably the first person to employ FireCapture and the ASI120MM camera after we had sorted out the bugs in the initial software for that and the camera itself almost a year ago now...but it has already proved itself very capable with Jupiter and Mars (as well as Saturn - here's some from earlier this year with the ASI120MM )

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