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Cygnus Loop: Now in colour

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Just measured the new FR spacing distance = 55.97mm... just 0.03mm out, I think thats close enough :)

(55mm + 1mm to account for filter and ccd window)

Just need some clear sky to test it, a quick mini-mosaic. Perhaps the Cocoon to give it a good starfield.

But overall, for the first serious project with the 383L+ I feel it is indeed a leap forward from the 314L+ and a much more efficient use of time (as I can frame multiple targets). To image the same area with the 314 would have taken 8-10 panes, and at 2 hours per pane, per channel it would have taken a minimum toal of 32 hours. The 383 gobbled it up in just 12.

So looking forward to Orion this year :D

Agreed. I love real estate inside a CCD camera!

I'm in the same position with my TEC140, waiting for the spacing hardware to try it with the Atik11000. OPTEC worked out the spacing so I hope they got it right. Nail biting time.


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Cor blimey, this one has been hard to process. Its taken me about 6 hours to get this even close to being right. Again the problem is the refusal of the panes to stitch together properly because of cu

Thanks all for the supportive comments I have been working on putting together a standard HOO colour version - as well as the mono version which was created by combining the Ha and OIII masters, then

It will still be there next year!

Posted Images

Good luck with that Olly, at first it might look ok with just one frame - but the real test is when you try and stitch two together. Get it right, and the results will be spectacular! :)

And from what ive seen from the TEC140 so far, you are not going to be disappointed.

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Righty ho, last night provided an unexpected clear spell. So I went out to test the new flattener spacing.

And the results? The stars look round to the eye, but its still not mosaicing properly in the corners.... what gives? Anyway, I ended up having to crop out the ugly bits again - but I didnt lose nearly as much as I did with the Cygnus loop. My theory is that Ive reached the limit of what the 80ED can offer in terms of a fully corrected field. It looks fine in one frame, but those little bits of curvature (probably too small to notice with the eye) seem to work against me when it comes to mosaics. Hmmmm, maybe time for an upgrade?

Im sure that flattener spacing is right, I checked it three times! Could the use of 1.25" filters be the cause of some corner distortion?

A little nibble at the Cocoon. For just 40 min per pane (2 panes), the star count in DSS raised an eyebrow or two... I love the high scores this area gives :)



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Right, after a little practice - Ive now figured out how to process the curved fields, and have now been able to claw back nearly all of the space I cropped out. Tho only cropping that has gone on was to remove the black space after stitching together the mosaic. Additionally, I have repaired the OIII channel which was originally shot under strong moonlight - hence the gradient in the middle of the original (which is now gone!).

Many thanks to Olly for helping me with the processing side, couldnt have done it without ya mate! :icon_salut:


Fullsize here (4540x3236):


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Wow! Inspiring! I'm awaiting an Atik 460ex + wheel + Baader LRGB and NB filters from FLO (should arrive in time for the weekend - all the nebula images this summer have encouraged me to dig into the savings (again). Great image.


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