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My solar Ha and animation

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A pleasant couple of hours in the garden this morning with the 120mm frac with a LS60f filter up front. Plenty to see today and image today, but I only took a handful images and then went for the animation sequence. Here are the Ha images. These are single stack pics.

This was a the big southern filament. Yes the orientation is wrong but you can't have everything.


26-08-13 filament by allcart2, on Flickr

Next up, a detached prom.


26-08-13 Detatched prom by allcart2, on Flickr

A single shot of the active prom.


26-08-13 Tree prom by allcart2, on Flickr

This one one of the best regions today. A big snaking filament and a lovely active prom on the limb.


Filiprom 1 bw by allcart2, on Flickr



Filiprom invert by allcart2, on Flickr

and colour.


Filiprom colour by allcart2, on Flickr

Then there is the animation. This clip covers approx. 1hr in the life of the sun. 20sec Avi's were captured every 30 secs. I lost some due to odd cloud and bad tracking, and it was a 5hr job processing this coz it wouldn't align. So this is all done by hand. What a tedious job that was.


26-08-13-prom-animation by allcart2, on Flickr

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Thanks guys and Alex. :kiss:

i hope your tracking was better than mine Alex. I tried your tip of marking the screen and nudging the prom back to the mark every now and then, but I still could not get an automated alignment. I tried everything I could think of, then gave up and done it myself. 80 odd frames was a total PITA.

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Alan, do you do the align in Registax 5?

If so, use one alignment point only and pick a very big box (can't remember the sizes) and pick one very prominent region that will be in every shot. Sometimes this just fouls up 2 or three images, I then just do them manually.


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