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Skywatcher Flextube auto - upgrade to goto?

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Now I have a scope with the power, I'd really like to upgrade to a goto system to help me seek out those fuzzies that I struggle to find by star hopping alone. My new telescope is around 3 years old and has the auto tracking system. Searching online and through this forum, I believe I can upgrade to goto, just by attaching the appropriate handset?

A search online has led me to this...


Is that what I am looking for? Is it truly that simple?

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That looks the SynScan handset for an AZ mount, just like mine. What telescope and mount do you have and are you sure the auto tracking system you refer to is compatible? You can see diagrams of what the handset is designed to plug into on the SkyWatcher website here.

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Using the AZ handset with the correct firmware you can upgrade you auto to a basic goto but not to the same level as the actual goto model. There ahs been a lot of discussion of the goto upgrade for the auto models and why the kit SW used to do was withdrawn (prior to release of the goto models).

Quiet a few forum members have done this and been happy with the outcome but it won't make your auto into the same model as a real goto flextube.

I'm sure a couple of flextube owners who have done and kept (or done and undone) the 'goto' updgrade will jump in and give further details.

Was considering a flextube and have seen a few which were advertised as goto but were actually auto's upgraded.

Hope that helps until more experienced flextube owners join in.


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i use the handset from my explorer 130p az goto on my 250px flextube auto and it works very well, looks like the same handset in your link. i have never had any problems with it,


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I had a 300p auto and was told I need the V3 synscan controller to convert to goto.never bothered though and tbh I didn't rate the motors of the auto as they were a bit sloppy so wouldnt have trusted it's accuracy.the goto scope had different motors with less slop so tbh I would go for one of those and sell yours :)

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