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Remote control setup issues


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Hi Folks,

I'm in need of some advice as I'm planning in changing the location of my imaging setup further down the garden and so will be out of wifi range. At present I control the mount and cameras on my phone or iMac from the house via Team viewer,

I use an old Laptop as my "slave" computer outside next to the rig but it's getting past it and am reluctant to get a new one, could I remove this laptop and plug all the usb cables from the Rig to a powered usb hub and then into a Devolo or TP powerline internet connection to the iMac in the house?

Not sure if this would work or would you still need the laptop interface to connect the two, Team viewer is good but a more direct network would be better.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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You'd still need the laptop - USB can't connect to Ethernet directly. You can run USB over Ethernet with special (expensive) adapters but I think that the drivers for CCDs etc wont support it.

You can get pretty long boosted USB cables.

You can also run powerline over extension cables (I run one 45m). You can even get powerline adapters with built in WIFI base stations to extend your WIFI coverage to the bottom of the garden.

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Thanks, I've seen some of the powerline adapters that have a usb port built into them, you say that you use one to cover 45m and that's the distance I also need to connect so I reckon I'll just have to get another laptop and go the powerline wifi extension way.

Thanks again

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