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Binocular choice for holiday!

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OK so,

I'm off to Mallorca on Saturday for 2 weeks and want to take one pair of bins with me for the occasional stargaze so.....

The choice available to me from my "thrown together collection" comes down to:-


1. Prinz 7x50 7.1° FOV (60 year old bins similar to Zenith style and still in good nick - I believe they may have been Dixon's own brand back then and were made in Korea).

2. Kowa 6x30 - 8° FOV - brand new


3. Bauer 10x42 - 6.1° not new

4. Opticron 8x32 - 8°FOV

Which one should I take?!!

Aperture says the ancient Prinz 7X50, but they're not light and the biggest in my collection.

Lightness says The Kowa 6x30 which is so easy to hold for long periods - but smallest aperture of all

But 10x42 and the smaller 8x32 are also good for travel.

I will also be taking a relatively substantial monopod which will fit all bar the Kowa and a Philips guide for 2013 to help with choosing what to look for.

I'm new to star gazing with bins so would appreciate any comments.

I intend to buy a SW ST 80/400 for future holiday outings by car but it would be too big to take on a plane (with tripod and mount) hence the choice of bins.

Kind regards


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Tapatalk's an app for smartphones and tablets, designed to make forums easier to use than just going on the website. It puts a "signature" in when one posts with it.

And as for the binoculars, obviously check they're in good working order before leaving.

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'BTW, what does "Tab on Tapatalk" mean?!!
Essentially that the combination is susceptible to typos and occasionally bizarre autocorrect so, if I appear to spout incomprehensible drivel, there's a possibility that it may be the technology, and not merely what I nowadays try to pass off as a mind.

Tab on Tapatalk

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