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Old Zenith 10x50 bins help needed.

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Hi everyone.

I recently brought a pair of old Zenith bins just so I can scan the skies as I really enjoyed using a pair a few weeks back. However when I first looked through them I didn't think the image was looking to great so on further inspection I saw that they were filthy inside, probably fungus. So I guess buying them from eBay wasn't my best move but at least they were dirt cheap (excuse the pun)

Anyway after some grumbling I looked around on youTube & found

video which I found to be very helpful so I stripped down the bins & managed to clean the main lenses & prisms, but I have now hit a snag as I cannot remove the focus bridge so I can clean the other prism's & lenses.

Does anyone have any ideas how these are removed?

I've found what look like brass screws but I can't seem to shift those & I don't think undoing them would do it anyway. There is a small hole in the centre but it is tiny so I'm struggling to believe that there's a screw in there & if there is I'm going to need a very long thin screwdriver to get at it.



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I've had several Zeniths like that apart several times. The brass screw in your first pic does unscrew, but you need a sufficiently large screwdriver. I recommend a minimum blade width of about a centimetre; any less and you are more likely just to damage the brass. Once you have it out, there is a smaller slotted screw inside the central hinge shaft. A bit of blu-tac on the screwdriver to hold the screw makes it easy to remove and replace the screw.. The little hole in the middle of the brass screw is for the screw that holds the plastic cover over it in place (this cover tends to split if the screw is done up too tight, so it may be missing).

To remove the brass screw in the 2nd pic, you must first undo the little grub screw (if present) that is at the 1 o'clock position in your picture (often missing in 2nd hand binocs, because it's so easy to lose). Again, the hole in the centre is for the screw that holds the IPD scale in place. Don't worry if the IPD scale is missing: it is fictional anyway!

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Thanks for the reply Steve I still have the end caps & they are intact so I'll bear in mind not to overtighten them. I'll have a look for a larger screwdriver later & have another go although there is already a huge improvement with what I have managed to clean so they are quite usable now unlike before when the images were quite hazy in appearance.

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