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Ceph and Cass

wonderful view cassiopeia m52 and m31

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hi guys bit off a late post but thursday night was good skys cassiopeia stood out really bright so got my bins started looking found m52 well chuffed scaned out a bit saw parts of milky way and in the binoculars

what a view stunning mostly just looking at all the stars went up to cepheus the saw perseus and then

went looking for m31 bang found it really good fuzzey it stood out quiet well in the bins .


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It's good to get the bins out now and again and have a scan around,

Cassiopeia is so good you can spend some time observing that area,

M52 is a nice open cluster, the Andromeda Galaxy is always a great

target to find, I find bins more relaxing than the scope, sit back unwind

and enjoy.

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Yep , had a good hour between the scuttling clouds. Did a bin tour to a friend. Albireo up to Deneb, then onto Cassiopeia, The Double Cluster and M31. We saw M13 and down to CrB.

All this will a Moon and clouds. It was very relaxing just to scan the star fields from Cygnus northwards,


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