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Tips for a Point and Shoot?

Neil in West Jersey

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I sold my DSLR last year but made an attempt to photograph the moon last night using a Kodak Easyshare z950. I tried a bunch of different things with the limited options available, but these are the settings that gave the best results.

Zoom was on Max (Optical + Digital) with timer

Manual setting

ISO 100

F 3.5

Shutter: 1/100

Focus= Infinity

The only editing I did was color correction.

Any tips for better results?


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The focus is at infinity but it is out of focus. Does the camera have live view to all for a better focus? Often the infinity on a camera is actually past infinity and the shot would be out of focus.

Otherwise increase the ISO and cut the exposure.

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Hi Neil,

I wouldn't use the digital zoom. All it is really doing is cropping the picture in camera and then expanding the crop out to the normal size frame.

I agree with baggy, you should be able to increase the ISO and so reduce your exposure time. This should help reduce the effects of any camera shake. I assume the picture was taken with the self timer on the camera.

Did you let the camera auto focus or can you manually focus your camera? Also, was it hand held or did you have it on a tripod?

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