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Hyperion 31mm with dob?

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I used a 31mm Hyperion in an F5 dob. Overall I liked it though it was a bit blurred towards the edge. Some people would be fine with it at F5, some would find the blur annoying, and it was a ton better than my stock EP's. I was okay with the blur until my other half pointed it out :rolleyes:

That said, is your scope F6? F6 being slower should mean that the blur is less than it was in my F5 dob.

I've not used many other wide EP's, hopefully someone can jump in with experience of a good one for dobs.

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Thanks Luke, I'm trying to find a compromise with my S.W in terms of good sharpness vs reasonable cost ( I guess most people are!) thanks for the help, I think I'll save for it. Loss of sharpness at the outer edges is not my primary concern, I'd like good contrast and definition within my target area.

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I got my 31mm earlier this year and use it in 2" mode in my 200P dob. Prior to getting it I used my 24mm Hyperion as my wide field eyepiece and the 31mm is like the 24mm on steroids. M45 looked great through the 31mm which was my main target at that time. I considered either a Panaview or Aero which get good reviews, or even saved up for one of the more expensive brands, but I preferred to stick with Hyperions. They suit my telescopes, my eyes and my wallet :D

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