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Eastern Veil bicolour


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I've collected some Ha now which I've added to the OIII from my earlier post

http://www.stargazer...-in-oiii/��, so I'm attaching now the bicolour version.

I think I've managed to get all the filaments in the network showing with decent detail and I'm quite happy with the colour.

To understand what you're seeing and for the sake of trying to remain loyal to the data here is the formula:

L=synthetic luminance=50%ha+50%oiii in lighten mode


G=synthetic green=75%oiii+25%ha in blend mode


I processed the ha and oiii separately and then I combined them. After that, it was just a bit of saturation, no further touches or manipulations (like hue changes) were made.

The details:

-15x20m OIII and 13x20m of Ha

-Megrez 72 @4.8 with SXVR-H9

-Heq5 driven by EqMac

-Processing and acquisition: Nebulosity+StarTools

-Baader Ha and OIII filters

Click here http://www.astrobin....52267/?mod=none for the large resolution version in astrobin.

As ever, comments are very welcome, particularly regarding processing and colour.





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