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Question about leveling telescope.

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Hi star people,

There goes my first question.

Yesterday I was trying to polar allign my Celestron astromaster 130 EQ, unfortunately it did not work very well.

My location latitude is 35.95 degrees, so I set the mount to this latitude and directed the telescope to Polaris. But I could not find it. I was turning R.A , Dec knobs back and forth but Polaris was not there. However after I changed the latitude on the mount to 40.00 degrees then I finally found it.

I believe this incorrection has something to do with leveling.So I want ask you how do you level your telescope.


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The difference in your latitude adjustment doesn't surprise me, I don't think these scales are that accurate. I set my lat to 52 which is correct for my location but always have to move it up or down to find Polaris and I always level the mount

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