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Cool Down Times

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Just wondering about the above, specifically the difference between 8" and 10" and am I correct in understanding that CF scopes have no cooldown time.(considering there will be no expanding or shrinkage - but what about thermals)?

Woke up with this on my mind for some reason


Sent from my phone, please excuse and grammer and speling :)

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Cool down time has nothing to do with expansion and shrinkage of the mirror, it is all about thermals. That depends on the mass of the mirror and 10" ones can be thicker than 8" ones and take longer to cool down.

The tube material will change dimension quite quickly as the temperature changes giving headaches to imagers as the focus changes and Carbon Fibre is the best in this situation.


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broadly I work on 5 minutes per inch of aperture. it is a rather arbitrary figure though and as Nigel says depends on mirror thickness to some extent. that said, I often put out my 12" (and even my 16") scope and by the time it is collimated and all my finders etc put on, eyepieces brought out and a cup of tea done, I am ready to start observing at low powers. my understanding of the main benefit of CF is the stiffness it brings to the tube/system thus ensuring collimation is consistent when imaging through the night.

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Thank you

So...ive been offered some upgrade options which I can't refuse, these are my options being planned for November.

Upgrade BOTH mount and scope to NEQ6 and Quattro 8c (carbon)

Upgrade BOTH mount and scope to NEQ6 and Quattro 10s (steel)

Upgrade only mount to NEQ6


Change scope to 80mm triplet Starwave

Reason for upgrading, I bought my gear last year from Astronomia and they run an exchange program where if you upgrade within a year then they will give you the full cost you paid against the cost of the upgrade. This rolls over year on year only if you upgrade, if you go beyond the year without upgrading then you lose that opportunity to do so there after (smart system).

Well as I'm sure you've gathered, my year is approaching and want to keep the system/deal alive and looking for the next step.

I'm edging towards the 8c and NEQ6

What are your thoughts, I've been pondering over this fora while now.


Sent from my phone, please excuse and grammer and speling :)

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