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Ceph and Cass

Sun In White Light 14-08-2013. 07:20

Steve Ward

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Great seeing this morning , sadly I was pushed for time so the close-ups were grabbed with EOSMovieRec and the Mak stayed indoors ....

Time to sort out a decent fast-rate mono camera methinks ...

Full Disc.






1000D + ED80Pro + ND3.8 + 1.8 x Barlow + OIII.

1/400s @ ISO 200 , 59/100 , Reg 5.1 , Gimp 2.8 .

Day by day album . . . http://www.astrobin....rs/steveward53/

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Your 80 did a very good job of filling in for the closeups, lots of detail to see (though I guess your Mak is not happy about it), and the full disc is lovely :smiley:

It was a beautiful morning here too, the clouds started to sneak in just as I was packing up, I must have caught them on the hop.

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Unfortunately there's not much I can do with the banding , it's always there using EOSMovieRec .

Was very gentle with the wavelets to keep them viewable .. :p

Conditions were very steady first thing , a thick band of cloud was drifting by from North to South about quarter of a degree above him all the time I was shooting and not once did it clip the disc . . . :laugh:

I should have taken another hour really but had a kitchen to take delivery of at 08:30 . . . 40 slow miles away ... :rolleyes:

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I should receive my long awaited Sky at Night prize very soon , a month late .... :mad: .... an Orion Starshoot IV..... :laugh:

It's a colour camera but will be at least one step up from the SPC900 I hope .

Still looking at the PointGrey site every night but the more I look the more confused I get ... want a Flea3 really but the USB3 will give me grief unless I can find a cheap W7 lappie with USB3.

Need to think ahead to cover the Ha side if I ever get that side sorted ... really want a SolarScope but the Lunt60 looking more realistic.

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Hi Steve,

Nice disc for such a rush job. Not enough sun here yesterday to tempt me out and raining this morning so not hopeful.

I have also been looking at tha Point Grey cameras, but each time I look I find it hard to compare the specs on the different cameras and have never got round to buying one. I think you need to work out what FoV you need and then the smaller chip size the faster the frame rate. My DMK41 does 15fps, is that fast enough? Probably/possibly not, I would like around 30fps, but I would like smaller pixels and can get away with a smaller chip size.

I really like my Lunt60, it might not be in a Solarscope league but it does alright. My only disappointment was the double stack, in fact when I first got the DS I thought it might not be working correctly, but it is correct, not only does it reduce the bandwidth it also reduces the FoV over which the view is correctly tuned. This is less of a problem now I have started doing mosaics and other manufacturers say that the Etalon should be used in a scope with F/15 or above. A Lunt60 is about F/8.


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Great images Steve. I particularly like the close ups.

A PGR Chameleon is about the same as a DMK41 in specs.

We did seriously consider the PGR Chameleon for that reason. It is similar to the DMK41 although I think the Chameleon has a smaller sensor 1/3", whereas the DMK41 sensor is 1/2". Not sure how this affects the image with a Lunt 60, but I do remember seeing various comments that the Chameleon would not get a full disc with a SolarMax 60 but the DMK41 would. In the end we opted to spend more money and go for one of the PGR Grasshopper cameras instead.

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Finally received my Sky at Night prize today . . . :grin: . . . Orion Starshoot Solar System Imager IV , should be an improvement on the SPC900 but it's colour not mono.

1/3" chip , 1280 x 1024 , 15fps.

Should be OK for W/L to start with , will get to test it at the weekend with a bit of luck , and a bit of blue ... :laugh:

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I guess you've already considered this, Steve, but how about a second-hand 60mm at a good price (Robin gave a heads up on a hardly used SolarMax 60 at £1050 that we got), and flog it when you are ready to get your masterpiece from Ken. Little or no loss if your gamble pays off, though I guess like anyone who recently invested in Tele Vue eyepieces before the price crash, there's always a risk. :eek: If you are getting a webcam that would do for solar as well, maybe it's tempting? :evil:

The notorious SolarMax focuser is okay for us but does get a bit annoying when the gaps in the clouds are small, as it takes some extra seconds to get it focused thanks to backlash. If you just shoot past the focus point slightly, you have to rewind and try again as it will slip back if you turn it against the backlash. I have a nice bunch of unfocused shots thanks to that. It can take a few gaps to sort it, unlike with a decent dual speed crayford. But can't fault ours for the price though.

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