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What is the actual focal length of my RV-6

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I have a old criterion 1960,s 6f/8!scope And in the older ads they say the focal length was 1216 mm But it says in the older sky&teleacope Books it was a f/8.3 Not a f/8 if you go by f/8.3 it has 1261 mm focal length Does anyone have a older criterion RV-6 scope Dale

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I don't think you will get an exact answer to that Dale as I think there was probably some variation from scope to scope on the exact focal length. I've seen one RV6 where the back of the primary mirror had a focal length of 50 inches engraved on it which is 1270mm I think.

Here is a link to the Company 7 information page (where I spotted the above photo) on the scope and that says F/8.3 / 1270mm focal length:


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