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Eastern Veil in OIII


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we don't often get to see this one just in OIII, so here is my attempt (Ha will come later, but that's in some sense "easier" and almost never lets you down).


-15x20m subs

-Megrez 72 @4.8


-Baader OIII, 8.5nm

Took the subs last night and did a quick processing this morning.

Hope you like it, click here http://www.astrobin....51859/?mod=none for a full resolution version. Comments and feedback very welcome! Thanks for looking,




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Round stars, loads of signal. Cant ask for much more really... well apart from some Ha for a bit of colour ;)

Thanks, I think I've collected enough Ha last night, so the bicolor is coming...

I knew the oiii for the veil was strong, but I didn't know it was *that* strong; it was a bit surprising to me (but I get easily surprised though).

I spend quite a chunk of the clear nights of August collecting oiii for Cederblad 214, and at the end of the day I got enough to punch the blue through, but the actual grey scale image in oiii was very unflattering,


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