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I managed to get one

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Excellent Peter, really nicely done.

You can embed flickr images, if you click on the share button, grab the html/bbcode, click in the radio button for bbcode, select the size you want, and copy and paste the text you see, that will embed the image in question. Repeat as required.

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Absolutely gorgeous image, Peter. What lens and shutter speed did you use?

Thanks Steve....

Lens was Nikon 2.8 17-35mm at f3.5 17mm camera is a D3s at iso 8000 daylight balanced, 30s two frame mosaic to get the height in the sky....I illuminated the bridge with a torch and the traffic lights did the rest

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Thanks everyone....didn't know it made the Daily Mail.....The Shropshire Star I work for and im working the night shift this week..... I didn't have any jobs on last night and with the Perseids in the news at the moment I thought I better do something....It made front page of the Shropshire Star they used it quite nicely except the reporter described it as a star streaking across the sky :icon_scratch:

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Superbly thought out and executed shot...

Very Nicely done indeed :)

Further west we have been clouded out the last few nights... :(


Pete - I just edited the post to move the text.. you need to add a carriage return between the embedded code from flickr and the text...

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