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Perseids: 12/13 Aug

Special K

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What a wonderful wonderful clear night! Just came in after an hours session looking at the meteor shower. I don't know if I've ever seen my skies so transparent or if I am just getting a hint of the returning dark nights. It was at least a magnitude 5 sky as I could see all 7 main stars of Ursa Minor clearly and didn't have to avert vision. For the first time I can think of from the back yard, the Milky Way was really obvious to me. The stretch between Deneb and Cassiopeia was fantastic! Nestled in there is the double cluster which was an obvious smudge and I didn't have the bins handy. Andromeda is just a suggestive blur as usual from here.

Oh yeah, the showers! Spotted at least 8 over the course of the hour with varying degrees of splendor. Started getting chilly so I headed in but not before seeing the seven sisters twinkling over the houses! I've got that wonderful feeling autumn will be around the corner with a fresh set of delights on the astronomy front.

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