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Latest dark night attempt


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Just back from a weekend camping with dark skies and had another attempt at capturing the stars! Can't seem to get focus properly, any help would be appreciated!

2 Image stacked in photoshop (About the limits of my processing skills at the minute!) taken with a Canon 550d using a standard 18-55mm lens.

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You could be setting the focus past infinity. Most lenses can go past infinity in manual.

Try to find the focal point in daylight and make a note (or a mark) of the setting.

If this is widefield then set ISO800 or 1600 and take some shorter exposures, maybe 10 secs, and check the images.

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To achieve focus you should try to use live view. First enter live view mode, and digitally zoom up to the brightest object you can, either a light on the horizon or the brightest star you can find.There you should be able to focus it but slightly adjusting it back and forth.

If your camera doesn't support live view, just find a light on the horizon like a street lamp a few hundred yards away, you should be able to use it as long as it sufficiently far away.

Best of luck with the shooting, I've done a lot of stuff I'm really happy with a similar 28-55 lens for my Nikon.

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