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Fireworks Galaxy

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This is a nice little target, perhaps more suited to a larger OTA than a reduced SW120, but that's what's on the mount at the moment so this is what came out of 3 hours and 40 minutes from a rather deserted city.

Thanks for looking!



And a full res crop:


As a sideline, I tried the Tulip nebula the other night, since it seems strikingly bright in Ha images, so I reckoned the OSC might have a chance to pull something out. Not so. Well, at least I couldn't. I spent 3 hours and 8 minutes on it in the best conditions I've ever had in the city, and dithered between staying on it for another night or swap to the Fireworks - they are quite close by. Below is that plant catastrophy, so I hope I did the right thing to leave it for some other day, with some other camera, from somewhere else haha...


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That's a very pretty galaxy :)

The tulip is starting to work, I think, but you may be right in that it could be the wrong choice of camera. I think you'd need a lot more time with the OSC camera.


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