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Calling Skywatcher 250px Dob Owners

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Hello everyone, after deciding on a new scope, I need a few measurements so I can check it will fit and that I can manoeuvre it up/downstairs.

I need these measurements:

Diameter of Base

Height of Dob Mount

Weight of Dob Mount

Length of OTA

Weight of OTA

Height of complete set-up

Weight of complete set-up

Thanks in advance to anyone who can supply these :).

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I found that this site supplies a bit more info on scopes compared to a lot of sellers, it has some of the info you asked for anyway. I had it bookmarked as it is on my to buy list, or may be it will be a GSO revelation in my case, which is f/5 and around the same price. I've not decided as it will not be 'till next year for me anyway. There is some speculation with regard to the mirrors on the GSO in that they are not as resistant to degradation.

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I think the dimensions given on the Skywatcher website are near enough correct. I have not weighed the bases or tubes of my two Dobs, but the figures given are probably close. The bases of all three SW Skyliner solid tube Dobs are of similar dimensions and weights. The tubes and mirrors are where the differences arise.

A nice feature of the 250px tube (at least in mine which is probably 5 years old and which may not be the case with a new one) is that it stands very stably on its end. The collimation and locking screws are knurled knobs which are recessed in the mirror cradle/tube end casting so that it is quite OK to stand the tube on carpet or similar when you're dismantling the scope to move it outdoors.

[i never felt safe doing this with my 200p which is the same length as the 250px but narrower. And it's not possible now that I've added Bob's Knobs and Springs (highly recommended) which protrude a little beyond the tube end casting. The Knobs and Springs replace the crosshead countersunk screws, grub screws and neoprene o-rings which were fitted as standard by Skywatcher. Now collimation has become a regular, tool-free operation.]

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I can give you the complete weight - I stood on the scales with mine when I first got it :-) it comes in at 32kg. Thats not to be sniffed at.

I have responded to other threads with all the other dimensions - I can look it up when I get home and onto the laptop.

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Wait just realised you may not be on about the flextube!!

Sorry Chris, only just saw your post.

No, I'm not talking about the flextube, but I believe the solid and flex weigh about the same.

Do you have the rest of the dimensions? The ones supplied by skywatcher only show shipping box size. The actual scope may be a bit narrower?

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