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Ok been looking at the meteor tracking chritmas tree mounts and started looking into a more""" sexy""" mounting system ...looked at cctv pan and tilt motorised units and prices were "wow got to be joking" and by time I rigged up rc it was funny money ...so thought make your own had a look but struggled on parts of the kit I thought I would need......then rembered the sw virtuosa done a wee check on the bay and price drop to 160 ok pricey but this is with the make 90 cheeky wee scope to any collection..now after going eqmod with eqtooth the synscan controller for the eq3/2 is gathering dust so asked question on a thread to see if it auto detects its a az mount and do I need different cable ...idea is to mount to a home made pier and fit a cctv cam instead of the mak ...thought this might be a go'r with limited space in garden...Davy

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