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Walking on the Moon

Best Running Man


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Well tried a little experiment tonight , only had alittle while as it was wild as Alice out there wind and storm clouds but a little break gave me enough time to do a test , using the GPS8 and fast star , thought i would try the CLS filter and also used a blue filter to try and catch the Running man with some more detail , this worked a treat knew it right away as i could see the result on the screen , normally i cant see this only the stars so i knew it would be ok , but sadly i could only get 13 frames at 40 secs each frame ,normally i would like 50 or more , but this is the result very encouraging,Atik 2hs used for capturing, rain clouds in now off to bed ,



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Looks like you stumbled on to something there combining the 2 filters, be interesting to see what you manage with more frames and that new camera (has it arrived yet) :clouds2:

Rog how do you rate the cls filter as light polution round here is getting beyond the joke, just so much building work going on around leeds, soon it will be permanent day light :x


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Its good Martin , you should be able to overcome any pollution with filters for imaging , the CLS is geared more towards imaging galaxies excellent for that , also it will help a lot for planetary as well M27 etc ..as for your DSO,s its been said before Martin the HA filter has been a huge step foward for me, Moon ,Pollution , poof lol blows it away , the down side is of course longer exposures are required to get enough data , thats why i took the faststar at F1.95 , but if you can get down to F5 OR f3 and just take your images at around 45/ 50 secs and stack about 40 of them or more if you can , you will be in business, and will say , WHY did i not get that darn filter before lol , i do a lot of imaging in the North east right over Basildon town Centre so i can get images ok ,


Give ole Bern a call



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