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Hey all,

I had my first attempt at Vega and Lyra in the wee hours of Friday morning and it it isn't all that bad all things considered.

This is a straight stack of 48x100seconds and some darks.

Due to not having changed photoshop over to my new PC I haven't really had a chance to tweak it much and the little tweaking I did I didn't like as much as this version.

I'm not sure I'm sure I can pull more out but with Vega being so bright I'm kind of at a loss how to process it, maybe I could of stopped it down more when taking subs?

I'm open to suggestions before I swap PS over to the new computer.

There is another image the same on my flickr with some more tweaks but I prefer this version.

The other thing I'll pass comment on is the Polarie battery life, I have found it to be far longer than the 2 hours claimed in the instructions at 20°C and higher. Fair enough I haven't had it loaded to it's weight limit but I have found with a simple dslr and lens set up I am getting between 4 - 6 hours life on the Polarie depending on brand of battery.

And again the benifits of using the polar scope over the sight hole are at least apparant to me.


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I'm getting over 4 hours out of the batteries as well, 2400mAh rechargeables. Might be different at sub-zero temp. Always keep a spare pair in my pocket just in case :smiley:

I haven't been game enough to try recharg batteries yet but I can't see why you wouldn't get 4 hours out of them if they were good ones. Either way I wouldn't be put off by the stated 2 hour limit, it's definitely more than that if not at full load at least.

I've not used the USB mini plug yet, in theory I could hook that up to the PC or laptop I guess. We tend to have a load of AA's for the kids toys so there are always some at hand or to take when I need.

Nice picture star field is vast behind well done :)

Thank you. :)

Yeah there is loads behind, someone better at processing may be able to pull it out but I think it need a lot more exposures too.

I will revisit it at some stage.

Great shot. Well done. I really like these pictures.

Thank you. :)

I might add the flats to the stack and see what happens.

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Thanks Jannis,

I want to do a few more when time permits, Capella might be worth a try and now I have photoshop back on the computer I will crop the pic and point out the constellation Lyra. I always wanted to do something like that with the constellations.

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